Olympia, Performance, Duration: 50 minutes, 2018

In Olympia  Monosov takes Leni Riefenstahl’s film Olympia (1936) as a point of departure and investigates the bodily moments before the action and after the seconds between motionlessness and getting into shape. The artist scrapes out this sculptural moment of transition and works with the image of perfect bodies, standing united on the starting blocks and finishing line.  

We know what took place outside the walls of the stadium in 1936, but do we know or care what is taking nowadays place outside the walls of this room? Through the re-enactment and reproduction of the body movements and film aesthetics of Olympia in slow motion, the artist glares painstakingly at the human traces and moments of doubt in this nationalistic historical insignia, a questioning of the celebration of Olympic perfection.

Performers: Victor Dumont, Susie Yugier, Rachell Bo Clark, Stephanie Amurao, Katrina Bastian, Kinga Jaczewska Music: INRA (Philipp Rhensius & Adam Ben-Nun) Live Visuals: Lisa Lapierre

Built with Berta